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how the FUCK do you justify not giving a human food, shelter, and medical care because of “a religious belief”???????? where the fuck in the bible does it say “if someone’s gay they don’t deserve the bare essentials necessary to live”?????? 

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Anonymous asked: I have a boyfriend and idk I hardly ever see him so yeah, I just decided to be a fucking slut and send nudes to a guy in my biology class. during class one day while we were working on project, he started rubbing my pussy through my leggings and instead of learning about bluefin tuna controversies, I was learning the anatomy of his díck woops.



this is my fav one ops

Message me your slutty conffesions HERE , i’m going to reply to all of them

So you cheated on your boyfriend? Congrats, YOU’RE A HORRIBLE PERSON

I’m suddenly addicted to the song Superball by Helium


Omg Alice in chains and Lana del rey are coming to my town and I’LL SEEE THEEM BOTH!!

But omg I’m crying

I love Alice in Chains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I unfollow Beliebers

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